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Dry Mouth and Oral Health in Older Adults

Dry Mouth and Oral Health in Older Adults

Dry mouth among older adults is common. Dry mouth is a condition that involves the feeling of not having enough saliva inside the mouth. The common causes of dry mouth in older adults include side effects of certain medications and dehydration. These causes can effectively be prevented with the help of companion care services at home.

Having a dry mouth poses different kinds of problems or complications. Dry mouth can make it harder for seniors to chew, swallow, or even talk. Having less saliva also increases the risk of developing tooth decay or fungal infections in the mouth. Dentures may also become uncomfortable and may not fit well if the mouth is dry. Without saliva, dentures rub against the gums or the roof of the mouth which then results in sore spots.

Dry mouth is not part of the aging process itself but medications that older adults take to trigger this condition. Our personal care services in District of Columbia can assist older adults and seniors when it comes to limiting the effects of these medications by proper administration. Sometimes, seniors tend to take more of these medications than required and this practice leads to the furtherance of side effects. This is one of the many reasons why seniors need to be supervised when taking their medications.

The important ways you can follow to combat dry mouth are drinking water more often, avoiding caffeinated drinks, chewing sugarless candy to stimulate saliva flow, avoiding tobacco and alcohol use, and avoiding spicy and salty foods. You may also avail of our home care agency in Washington, DC to have caregivers assist you.

For more information about dry mouth and oral health, call Love One Support Services today! We offer home support services in Washington, DC.

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