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Vision Changes in the Senior Years

Vision Changes in the Senior Years

It is normal for one’s vision to change as he or she gets older. But with good eye care, you can limit the impact of those changes on your daily life. Having poor vision is almost always associated with falls. Thus, proper eye care is a must, especially for older adults. Our personal care services in District of Columbia can attend to this kind of care as well.

The common age-related vision changes include presbyopia or the condition that is marked with trouble in focusing objects close up, cataracts, floaters or shadows cast on the retina, and dry eyes. Other eye changes that are linked with aging are:

  • Pupils become smaller and don’t open as well as they used to.
  • Eyelids droop or become inflamed.

To address poor vision in seniors, you might need new glasses, contact lenses, or better lighting. However, it is always recommended to see a doctor first to have a proper diagnosis. Poor visual contrast, sensitivity and acuity, reduced visual field, and decreased depth perception are known to be associated with an increased risk of falls among seniors. Mix these up with environmental factors, such as poor lighting and clutter, injuries from falls become frequent and common.

Companion care services can greatly help seniors who suffer from poor vision and who live alone at home. To prevent accidents, these seniors must never be left alone. With a companion, they are helped with how to take care of their health and in moving around at home.

To know more about home support services in Washington, DC, call Love One Support Services today. We help seniors keep their eyes healthy, too!

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